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Comprehensive Eye Exams

We Test Much More than Your Vision

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Regular eye examinations are a critical part of preventive health care for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a toddler, teenager or retiree – our professional evaluations of your vision and eye health will help keep you seeing sharp.

At Wink Eyecare Boutique, we’ll inspect your eyes thoroughly, inspecting for any vision conditions or signs of ocular disease. With a modern, comfortable office in Potomac, MD, we’re reached conveniently from Bethesda, Rockville and North Potomac. Our office is fully equipped with cutting-edge diagnostic tools, and we welcome patients from the whole region to benefit from our first-rate, friendly service and highly accurate eye exams as well as our extensive eye care services,

Why do you need an eye exam?

Are you wondering why routine, comprehensive eye exams are so important… especially if you have no vision complaints or haven’t noticed any symptoms of a problem with your eyes? To explain – eye exams check much more than visual acuity, and many common eye diseases exhibit no symptoms at an early stage. By the time you may notice problems, the eye disease is often very advanced and treatment is therefore much less effective. When our professional optometrist, Dr. Rachel Cohn, inspects your eyes, she’ll be able to detect signs of ocular disease when it’s just beginning. An early diagnosis of conditions such as macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts and diabetic retinopathy, enables us to begin treatment immediately to prevent future vision loss.

With infants and kids, pediatric eye exams may identify a vision condition that could compromise learning or delay normal development. Education and eyesight are strongly associated, and an undetected vision problem may cause difficulty for your child in the classroom. Children are not always aware of how normal vision should appear, and it’s typical for them not to complain, even they don’t see clearly. A kid’s eye exam will identify any type of visual condition.

What happens at a comprehensive eye exam?

Each and every patient at our Potomac, MD, practice, is a unique individual with unique visual demands. Depending upon your health issues, age and vision requirements, we customize our eye exams to match your needs.

Here’s a basic step-by-step breakdown of what your eye exam may include:

  • Medical case history: this is the time to tell us about any ocular symptoms or vision problems you may be experiencing. We’ll also ask you for information about current medications, your overall health condition and family history of eye problems.
  • Preliminary eye tests: we’ll assess your eye muscle mobility, peripheral awareness, color vision and reaction of your pupils to light.
  • Accommodation (focusing) and Eye teaming/Binocularity: your eyes must function together efficiently in order to see well. These neurological screenings are a way to evaluate how your eyes work together to focus, and how effectively your eyes switch focus between near and far.
  • Visual acuity and Refraction: Automated and manual (doctor-controlled) instruments will be used to determine the most accurate vision prescription.You’ll be requested to read a standard eye chart that tests vision at various distances. The normal measurement is defined as 20/20 vision. We’ll also use a phoropter to check refractive error and diagnose nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. This procedure is done by having you look through various lenses and tell us which give you the clearest vision. We may also use a retinoscope to measure how well light focuses on your retina with each of these respective lenses.
  • Visual Field Testing: If necessary, we’ll use computerized equipment to assess your ability to see to your side, above and below.
  • Ocular health: The primary part of your eye exam, Dr. Cohn will examine eye health by inspecting your retina and inner eye tissues using a high powered lens. Dilating eye drops are usually applied before this exam, which checks closely for signs of disease or other abnormalities. To inspect for glaucoma, we’ll use tonometry; this specialized device measures the inner pressure of your eyes; the procedure is quick and painless.

Digital imaging, such as the Optomap, may be used as a highly detailed retinal exam. Performed fast and comfortable for the patient, a precise image of your retina is generated to help detect eye diseases at a very early stage.

Review and Consultation: after we finish all of the testing and examinations, we will meet with you in our Potomac, MD, office to share our findings. Together, we will decide upon the ideal treatment plan or vision correction for you. Call our office at 301-545-1111 for more information, or use the link below.


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