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Patient Reviews

Dr. Cohn and her are wonderful!
1 week ago
- Lori S.
Wonderful, knowledge doctor with advanced technology in the office. Will be repeat customer. Helpful and responsive front desk.
2 weeks ago
- Julia B.
My experience at the Wink Eyewear office in Rockville experience was definitely deserving of a 5 star rating. I would give it more stars if the form allowed. Dr Cohan's eye exam was the best I have had in years. She carefully and thouughly addressed all of my issues making it a wonderful experience. Her top ratings are well deserved. Optician David Camacho is very knowledgeable and his advice about lens technology and was very helpful in the process of selecting lenses for my situation. He is a first class optician who really knows and understand his craft. I highly recommend Dr Cohen and her staff at the Rockville Wink office
2 weeks ago
- James A.
Excellent customer service!!! Today, I had the most comprehensive eye exams I've had as an adult. Dr. Cohn and her team blend technology with a one on one comprehensive eye exam, that surpasses expectations. The office setting has that comfy living room feeling, with drawers of fabulous frames. David let me look around for awhile, and then he came over and started pulling out frames for consideration, and the great adventure of finding fun frames. Everything David selected was spot on. Excellent eyecare boutique for the eyeglass connoisseur.
3 weeks ago
- P (.
Always a great experience. Never have to wait for appointment and feel like I get a very comprehensive exam. Staff is also friendly and very responsive.
2 months ago
- Ilene O.
It was very straightforward to set up an appointment and the place was very clean. I didn't have to wait for Dr. Cohn and I was able to see her at my scheduled appointment time. Things went very smoothly and I was in and out in 40 minutes. Dr. Cohn is nice, explains what she is doing, and I trust her with my care.
2 months ago
- Chelsea D.
Short version: I absolutely adore Dr. Cohn and Amy Young, the office manager - they're both extremely knowledgeable, professional, caring, and just really enjoyable people. I also trust Dr. Cohn's judgment implicitly. Longer version: I started as a client here a few years ago, after my previous optometrist's practice stopped accepting my vision insurance. I'm not normally an optometry aficionado, but I liked Dr. Cohn (and Amy!) immediately, I appreciated that she has some advanced technology that my previous doctor's practice did not have, and I liked that she explained how every piece of technology worked and took the time to walk me through the results of every test so I understood exactly what she was seeing. Most recently, because I'm a middle-aged person, I've been having some issues with dry eye (that may be the most middle-aged thing I've ever said, and 25-year-old me is mortified). Dr. Cohn did a whole dry-eye workup for me, and put me on a whole personalized routine, including omega vitamins (did you know these are good for dry eye? Me either!), eye drops, an eyelid cleanser and compress, and a sleep mask at night. And two months later, my eyes are so much more comfortable! Has this part been expensive? Yes. Yes, it has. But I'm in my 50s - there's a lot of mileage on this unit, and maintenance is due. I'm really grateful that Dr. Cohn helped me get this issue in hand.
3 months ago
- Mindy A.

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