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NuLids - An Easy To Use Device That Alleviates The Signs And Discomfort Of Dry Eye

NuLids Is Designed by A Dry Eye Specialist

Eyes that are itchy, red, burning, stinging or maybe you feel as if there’s sand or a foreign object in your eye? These are all symptoms of Chronic Dry Eye.

Dry Eye Disease is caused by a lack of lubrication and moisture on the eye’s surface. NuLids is a new at-home system that treats the underlying causes of Dry Eye Disease.

The NuLids System Is

– A natural way to significantly improve tear stability (and the amount of time it takes for your tears to evaporate) by increasing Meibomian gland output – this means your eyes stay lubricated and symptom-free longer, as nature intended.

– A clinically proven mechanical method to de-cap and stimulate Meibomian glands (like a facial for your eyes- unclog your glands and stimulate the natural production of oils to keep your eyes lubricated.)

– An effective at-home treatment that augments doctors’ in-office treatments to help decrease signs and symptoms of Dry Eye Disease (DED.)

The Unique, Safe, and Effective Home Treatment System For Dry Eye Disease

The NuLids System is the first dry eye medical device system designed for home use! It is clinically proven to improve tear film quality and patient comfort between office visits.


The NuLids System is the first dry eye medical device system designed for home use!


NuLids uses a soft, daily disposable that gently massages your lids while promoting good hygiene.


The NuLids System is easy to use! A simple 15-second treatment performed once a day on each eyelid is all that it takes.


The NuLids System reduces your need for expensive over-the-counter lubricants, gels, and tears.


Comfortable And Easy To Use

“It’s so fast, and that small little change in routine makes a huge difference in your overall lifestyle.”

“At only 15 seconds per eyelid, it was so easy to add to my daily routine- brush my teeth, wash my face, and clean my eyelids. It’s something I look forward to doing because I know how much of a difference it makes.”

91% of participants agreed or strongly agreed that the device was easy and convenient to use“

Everything I was told NuLids would do for me-it did. I am very grateful for that.”

Of those previously using manual lid scrubs, 82% felt the NuLids device was easier and more comfortable to use 95% were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall treatment.

Watch Patients Reviews


small change, huge difference


a more natural solution


a facial for my eyes


easy to use


amazed in 8 days!

NuLids Is The Only At-Home Dry Eye Treatment Designed by A Dry Eye Specialist

Frequently Asked Questions

arrow-down-right arrow-down-left What is NuLids?

The NuLids System is a highly effective once-a-day at-home treatment device specifically designed to reduce the signs and symptoms associated with blepharitis and dry eye. The NuLids System is easy-to-use and only takes one minute to complete for both eyes. The NuLids device is compact and cordless so that you can take it just about anywhere.

arrow-down-right arrow-down-left How does the NuLids System work?

The NuLids System treats Blepharitis and Dry Eye disease caused by Meibomian gland dysfunction. This condition often worsens over time. NuLids is clinically proven safe and effective for removal of biofilm and scurf that occlude the openings of the Meibomian glands. These glands are responsible for producing the lipid layer of the tear film. In studies, lipid deficiency is the cause of Dry Eye Disease in 86% of all cases. In addition, the gentle massaging action of the NuLids Daily Disposable Tip may stimulate capillary perfusion at the lid margins and contribute to overall better eyelid health

arrow-down-right arrow-down-left Will NuLids replace other dry eye treatments?

NuLids is an important part of your doctor’s treatment plan, but it is not a cure. Continuing with all therapies prescribed by your eye care professional will result in the best treatment outcome.

arrow-down-right arrow-down-left How long will it take for me to notice an improvement?

Patients typically notice a distinct improvement in comfort and a significant reduction in their dry eye symptoms often in the first month of use. When used as directed, many patients report a noticeable improvement in about 8-10 days.

arrow-down-right arrow-down-left Do I need to use NuLids every day?

Yes. When used every day, patients saw the quickest improvement in the signs and symptoms of their dry eye. And, when used every day, patients report substantial relief from both the signs and symptoms of dry eye.

arrow-down-right arrow-down-left How many times a day should I perform the NuLids procedure?

Just once a day in the morning while getting dressed or in the evening before bedtime is all that is needed.

arrow-down-right arrow-down-left When is the best time to use the NuLids System?

You can use your NuLids System at any time, morning, afternoon, or evening. You may find it beneficial to use your NuLids at the same time each day so as to make it part of your daily routine.

arrow-down-right arrow-down-left Is it OK to use NuLids more than once a day?

No. You should not treat your eye lids with NuLids more than once a day. Doing so may make your eye lids sensitive and lead to redness, discomfort, or swelling around the eye.

arrow-down-right arrow-down-left How long will it take to treat my eye lids with NuLids?

The NuLids therapy only needs to be performed once a day and only takes about one minute a day.

arrow-down-right arrow-down-left Where can I treat my eye lids?

Anywhere you have access to a mirror! Typically, patients make the NuLids procedure part of their morning or evening bathroom routine. For Dry Eye Disease sufferers who travel, the NuLids System takes up about the same space as your electric toothbrush.

arrow-down-right arrow-down-left How is NuLids System powered?

The NuLids hand piece is a rechargeable unit and requires no power cord to use. Once charged, the hand piece should last for hours of use between charges.

arrow-down-right arrow-down-left How will I learn to use the NuLids System?

A trained ophthalmic technician at Wink Eyecare Boutique will teach you how to use and care for your NuLids System. The procedure is very easy to perform and will only take a few minutes to become comfortable with its use.

arrow-down-right arrow-down-left Will using NuLids reduce my need for eye drops and other forms of treatment?

Using NuLids may actually reduce your monthly out of pocket expenses for dry eye. Most NuLids patients report a substantial reduction in the need [and frequency of use] for expensive prescriptions like Restasis™ and other artificial tears and lid scrub products.

arrow-down-right arrow-down-left What should I do when I need more NuLids Tips?

When you are initially trained and given your NuLids Starter Kit to take home with you, a staff person at the Wink Eyecare Boutique will register you as a NuLids patient at Once registered, you can watch training videos, visit our website for more information about dry eye, reorder more NuLids Tips, keep track of your prescription history, and more.

arrow-down-right arrow-down-left Where can I get a NuLids Kit?

NuLids can be requested from Wink Eyecare Boutique as part of your dry eye treatment regimen. As the NuLids is relatively new to the market, your doctor may not yet know about it. If your doctor is not familiar with the NuLids System, please contact Dr. Rachel Cohn at Wink Eyecare Boutique.


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