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Dry Eye Q & A

Are Dry Eyes Dangerous?

If you neglect to treat your dry eyes, there could be dangerous consequences. Extreme dry eye could impair the cornea, effect your vision or scar the eye tissue. In addition, dry eye can also make it alot harder to wear contact lenses. This is because you may not be producing enough tears to lubricate the lenses, which can in turn result in an eye infection. See your Wink Eyecare Boutique eye doctor for help with dry eyes!

How Are Dry Eyes Diagnosed and Tested?

The Schirmer test is the most commonly used test for dry eye. Using a small piece of paper put in the eye, the eye can be measured for aqueous tear production, by checking the amount of moisture accumulating over time. Another test used by eye care professionals to determine tear film instability is the tear break-up time test. Currently, experts generally agree that there is little correlation between clinical testing for dry eye and common symptoms. For example, you could have dry eye disease without test results confirming it.

What Are the Typical Symptoms of Dry Eye?

The symptoms of dry can often include watery eyes, grittiness, aching, burning, sensitivty to light, fatigue, contact lens annoyance, or blurred vision.

What Are Treatment Options for Dry Eye?

You need to tailor your dry eye treatment to the type of condition you have. Some treatments treat the source and other more severe kinds necessitate solutions that reduce the symptoms. The better know options for dry eye treatment are:

• Punctal plugs
Certain vitamins
• Lubricants
• Restasis
• Lid hygiene
• Topical steroids
• Warm compresses
• Protective eyewear

Lesser known options include the Boston Scleral prosthetic lens and autologous serum eye drops.

What Are Punctal Plugs?

The eye has four drains called ‘puncta’ through which tears exit. For those who experience dry eye symptoms, usually due to a lack of water in their tears, stopping the drains with punctul plugs can help address this issue.

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