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Contact Lenses – When Your Child is Ready

When to start your child wearing contact lenses is a question many parents ask themselves. Often, the hesitation behind contact lenses for children comes from these concerns:

  • Contact lenses could be too dangerous between inserting or removing the lenses
  • Contact lenses are overly complicated and can be frustrating. This may cause anguish and tantrums with too young a child.
  • Poor maintenance and lack of hygiene could lead to eye infections.
  • Lack of responsibility from a child could mean they’ll lose their contacts. Instead of improving their child’s vision the end result would mean a loss of money and time.

And likely above all else, most parents don’t see the need to start their children on contact lenses as eyeglasses seem to be just fine.

On the other hand, when discussing your child’s eyesight with Dr. Rachel Cohn, one of the key factors in your child’s future is controlling their myopia or nearsightedness. Research has shown that adults with above -4 prescriptions are at a greater risk of eye diseases like cataracts, glaucoma, and macular degeneration by many times over. Some estimates run over 2000% increased risk due to nearsightedness.

Contact lenses, especially when utilizing corneal reshaping therapy (or orthokeratology), can be an effective and safe procedure when guided by a myopia control expert like Dr. Rachel Cohn.

How will an Eye Doctor Teach My Child to Wear Contact Lenses?

Like any class, sport, skill, or challenge, wearing contact lenses is a skill that can be learned at an early age. While every child is unique with their own personality and level of responsibility, the most important factor that will help a parent recognize their child can start contact lenses is through consulting with an eye doctor directly. Dr. Rachel Cohn has fitted numerous patients and holds consultations for myopia control to share with any parent how a child can be guided to handle contact lenses properly and see why adopting contact lenses will benefit their eye health for the future.

For more information about myopia control and getting your child ready to start contact lenses or corneal reshaping therapy, call our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Rachel Cohn.


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