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Our Favorite Restaurants, in Rockville, MD

Visit Wink Eyecare Boutique and also get a taste of our favorite places to eat!

eat in RockvilleAt Wink Eyecare Boutique, our entire practice is family-friendly – not only do we greet our new and returning patients with a smile, but our staff also enjoys spending time together after work hours too. With so many local delectable restaurants and dining venues to choose from in Rockville, MD, we never have to travel far. Next time you visit our office for an eye exam or treatment for managing an eye disease or vision condition, why not taste all that the area has to offer? Instead of rushing home or back to work, we encourage you to head over to one of our favorite, nearby eateries.

With our extensive array of attractive eyewear options, including designer eyeglass frames, cool sunglasses and all types of contact lenses, we’ll help you sort through all your best options so you can make a decision. Similarly, with all the amazing places to eat in our Rockville region, we’ll help narrow down your choices by sharing what we regard as the Top 5 Restaurants in Rockville, MD!

Stanford Grill

Every member of our optometric team at Wink Eyecare Boutique has a unique specialty, and each one of us has a preferred type of cuisine. Yet we’re all enticed by the mouthwatering aromas and flavors of the American classics at the Stanford Grill, around the corner in Rockville, MD. In particular, we recommend the bustling Happy Hour at this comfortable establishment! With exceptional live music and pleasant outdoor seating on a landscaped terrace, the atmosphere is great for kicking back after a long day on our feet providing eye care services. As some of our staff has food sensitivities, the gluten-free menu is also a helpful feature.

Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge

When you want to be transported to another world, yet only have time to journey within Rockville, MD, we advise Clyde’s Tower Oaks Lodge as a great destination! Set in the middle of a 22-acre nature reserve, this dining venue feels just like a mountain lodge in the Adirondacks. Designed with four separate eating rooms, the décor ranges from vintage boats to antique saddles. The spaces are large, perfect for accommodating our spirited crowd from Wink Eyecare, along with many private nooks and crannies for when only a few of us are hanging out together. With each bite of the tasty dishes, you’ll think you’ve travelled back to an American saloon. In addition to beloved classics, such as chili, bread pudding and cheeseburgers, we’re patriotic to Rockville, MD, – and we really love the fresh seafood and locally-grown veggies.

PHO 75

Who doesn’t love to sink into a hearty bowl of noodles after a tiring day at the office? With an authentic taste of Hanoi, we’re big fans of the huge portions of soft and tender pots of noodles served at PHO 75, located conveniently in Rockville, MD. Although this Vietnamese chain isn’t famed for an aesthetic atmosphere, the delicious comfort-food makes for a homey, satisfying experience. We are dedicated to treating eye diseases and conditions to prevent vision loss and promote long-term ocular health, and our jobs can get stressful at times. A deep dish of perfectly spiced, warm noodles really hits the spot!

Il Pizzico

food in rockville MDNo list of top restaurants in Rockville, MD, would be complete without mentioning Il Pizzico. As our cherished Italian spot, this diner can be found hidden along a small, rather anonymous commercial strip of stores. Once you enter though, you’ll be delighted by the quaint, intimate and welcoming setting. The acoustics are quiet and we find this a great place for real, heartfelt conversation. Much more than noodles and marinara sauce, the Italian fare is high-quality and excellent. The restaurant staff aims to please – be sure to ask for the best wine to suit your order!

Mykonos Grill

When we can get out for a long lunch break, we find that the Mykonos Grill offers perfect light food for the middle of the day. Definitely the ultimate Greek experience in Rockville, MD, the food here is crisp and flavorful. Think colorful Mediterranean salads and toasted bread with infused olive oil, all served on a bright white tablecloth. The owners are Greeks who truly know their cultural cuisine and want to share it with you! When some of our Wink Eyecare staff arrives too ravenous to be satisfied by a light meal, there’s also plenty of more filling selections on the menu, such as tender lamb chops and authentic dolmades.

No matter which of our prized Rockville restaurants you choose, after your plate is clean – we highly recommend taking a stroll around the Rockville Town Square, located in close proximity to all of the mentioned dining venues. Filled with lively activities and interesting landmarks, this picturesque area offers a pleasant way to extend your day enjoying the varied sites of Rockville, Maryland!


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