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Daily Disposable Contact Lenses: Are They For You?

Contact lenses come in a variety of types, with different schedules for when to wear them and when to replace them. Daily disposables are inserted in the morning, worn all day long, removed at bedtime and discarded. The next morning, you insert a fresh, new pair of contacts. If you’re interested in daily disposables, we encourage you to schedule an appointment in our Potomac office, near Gathersburg and reached easily from Rockville, MD.

Daily disposable contact lenses Potomac, MD

Our friendly and experienced eye doctor, Dr. Rachel Cohn, will perform a detailed contact lens eye exam and fitting to determine the perfect prescription for you. In addition to matching your vision condition with the most appropriate contact lenses, it’s important to match your lifestyle and daily habits to the ideal type. Be sure to tell us about your regular schedule, daily habits, individual preferences and activities!

Benefits of Daily Disposables

  • There’s no need to mark reminders on the calendar for when you need to discard your lenses. Simply remove them nightly and insert a new pair every morning
  • Routine disinfection before bedtime is unnecessary, so you don’t have to buy disinfectants and getting to sleep is quicker
  • If you travel frequently, it’s easy to bring spare pairs instead of carrying a whole kit with contact lens solutions and supplies
  • Symptoms of eye allergies are often relieved, as there is no time for allergens to build up on the contacts
  • Teenagers tend to neglect proper sterilization of their contacts, but with daily disposables cleaning isn’t necessary and changing lenses is simple

More Helpful Info about Daily Disposable Lenses

Although daily disposables will save you money on the cost of cleaning solutions and save you from investing time into regular disinfecting, you will need to purchase more lenses constantly. Be aware that this can make them more expensive than other types of contact lenses. They are generally sold in a 30-day supply (=60 contact lenses), and you’ll need to make sure you have enough for each month.

Since it is so easy to maintain proper hygiene with daily disposables, your risk of eye infection is significantly lower. Eye irritation is also reduced, as there is no time for proteins to build up on the lens surface. Many eye doctors therefore regard daily disposables as the healthiest contact lenses available!Woman Holding Contact Lens Potomac MD

“Dailies are the safest, most convenient and easiest way for anyone, especially teens, to wear contacts,” says Dr. Rachel Cohn. “Don’t take my word for it – give them a try! You’ll never want to return to traditional contact lenses.”

At Wink Eyecare Boutique, we are pleased to recommend and supply daily disposables for our patients from Potomac, Rockville and Gathersburg, MD. Are you interested in hearing more? Contact us to schedule an expert contact lens exam and fitting!


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