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Can Ortho-k Help your Child’s Myopia?

tennis player with orthok in potomacYou’ve probably heard the term Ortho-k, but do you fully understand what it means? Any discussion of and orthokeratology (ortho-k) must begin with a basic definition of this specialized lens and the vision shaping process. Ortho-k, which has been around for many years, offers an effective non-surgical way for nearsighted people to have clear vision without wearing eyeglasses or inserting daytime contact lenses. At Wink Eyecare Boutique, Dr. Rachel Cohn is experienced in evaluating and fitting children for ortho-k lenses in our modern, comfortable clinic in Potomac, MD.

Is your child tired of wearing eyeglasses or contacts?

Even after years of needing eyewear, Ortho-k can allow your nearsighted child to leave home and view all the fine details of the world with no eyeglasses or contacts. Before bedtime, she’ll need to insert the lenses, which are specialized, gas permeable lenses. While sleeping, these contacts will gently mold her cornea into a new shape, correcting the refractive error causing myopia (nearsightedness). Upon awakening, she’ll remove the lenses and enjoy sharp vision. The effects typically last one to two days, so these ortho-k lenses must be worn regularly for consistent results.

How can Ortho-k treatment in Rockville & Potomac help your child’s nearsightedness?

Myopia is an increasing problem in kids around the world. The cause behind this growing vision condition isn’t crystal-clear, yet a possible culprit is the great amount of time many kids spend indoors gazing at hand-held electronic devices. Nowadays, we diagnose a very large number of children with nearsightedness in our Potomac clinic. When kids return for follow-up eye exams, many require a new, stronger vision prescription every year. Many scientific studies have shown that in addition to correcting vision temporarily, Ortho-k can slow, or possibly halt, the continued progression of myopia in kids – by as much as 90%!


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