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Your Eyes and Your Smartphone

Do you ever wonder about the toll your smartphone might be taking on your vision? Handheld devices, like phones and tablets are so handy when it comes to being in touch when we're on the go. Nevertheless as handheld devices are made with small screens, many people often hold their smartphones a lot closer than they hold books and magazines. If you do a lot of reading off small screens, it can be really tough on your vision.

Because everyone holds smart phones so close, our eyes end up working overtime, just to focus on text and images. This might create issues, especially if you already use vision correction such as glasses or contact lenses. Researches claim that when such individuals spend a lot of time holding a device at a closer than normal distance, the eyes have difficulty correcting for distance. When your eyes work too hard, it generally leads to painful headaches or migraines as a result of the eyestrain.

There are other symptoms that can be caused by holding your device too close to your eyes, including blurred vision and dry eyes, because excessive screen time lessens how much you blink.

In order to lessen these symptoms resulting from the use of handheld devices, it is recommended to make the text on your device as big as possible and try to keep your smart phone as far away from your eyes as you can. And don't use your phone too much! If it's been a while, let your eyes have a little time away from the screen. Learning to be smart about your smartphone will only protect your eyes.


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