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Clean Lids, Healthy Eyes

Inflamed eyelids, also referred to as blepharitis, is something that a lot of people suffer from at some point during their lives. Blepharitis is a common eyelid inflammation, usually associated with an already existing bacterial eye infection, some kinds of skin conditions, or dry eye symptoms.

Generally, symptoms include redness, itching, burning, the sensation of a foreign body in your eye, tearing and some crustiness in or around the eye. Blepharitis can sometimes be challenging to overcome, as it's usually chronic.

You'll be glad to hear that there are a number of ways to deal with blepharitis and maintain healthy eye hygiene. Start with putting a warm compress, such as a washcloth, to the outside of your eye to help loosen the crust on your eyelids and eyelashes before you go ahead and clean your eyes. The warmth from the washcloth will also loosen any remaining residue in the oil-secreting glands in your eyelids. When you begin treatment, you might need to repeat this several times every day for approximately 5 minutes. Later on, you may only need to use the compress for about five minutes each day.

Properly cleaning your eyelids is a necessary part of treating blepharitis, so it's best to find a commercial lid cleanser or whatever product your optometrist recommends. You want to lightly massage your outer eyelids and wash any residue away when you're done.

Even though it's unpleasant, blepharitis is not transmittable and for the most part, doesn't cause any permanent harm to your eyesight, so make an appointment with your O. D. about the most effective way to maintain eyelid hygiene.


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