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Keeping Your Contacts

Do you ever end up leaving your disposable contact lenses in for longer than you're supposed to? It's common knowledge that lots of things are better when they are fresh. It's no surprise that the same applies to your contact lenses. It's not a good idea to keep your lenses in your eyes for any longer than you've been instructed to. Despite that fact that it might be tempting, if you care about your eyes, stick to the lens regime your optician gives you. In other words, if you've been instructed to use a new pair daily, change them daily, because they can't be worn any longer than that.

You might ask, is it so bad to get just a few more days out of them? To better comprehend this, let's take a look at protein - not the type you stir into your shakes, but the natural protein contained in your eye fluids that slowly accumulates on the surface of your lenses and creates a light haze. Blurry eyesight is just the beginning.

Sooner or later, these proteins change form and make your immune system think the formation is something foreign, and this can result in eye irritation, itching and redness. Which means you won't be seeing your best. Dust and pollen also build up on the lens, slowly make it less clear. But even when people take great care of their contacts, over time they'll become less smooth and clear, which is the result of normal deterioration.

So basically, it's best to commit to the plan your eye care professional decides on for you. If you throw out and replace your lenses at the correct times, you will never notice the difference that is so apparent when you wear them for longer than you're supposed to.


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