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Eye Care on The Go

When driving, the value of good vision can not be overemphasized. As a matter of fact, staying safe on the road needs several different visual capabilities like the ability to see both near and far ahead, peripheral vision, seeing in limited light and color vision, plus many others.

Strong distance vision is highly necessary because it allows you to evaluate the stretch of road in front and detect any danger that might be present. Being able to see ahead gives you the opportunity to act fast and prevent any accidents that might have otherwise taken place. On the other hand, if you don't see ahead well then there's a chance you may not see the dangers soon enough.

Distance vision is also directly related to the state of your glasses and windshield, so check that both are clean and free of both scratches and dust which can negatively affect your vision, specifically at night and on bright days.

Just as important is peripheral or side vision, which enables you see to the sides of your car, which is needed to be aware of other cars, animals and pedestrians without needing to even glance away from the road ahead. Being able to see peripherally is also important when you're switching lanes and making turns. Maximize use of both your side and rearview mirrors. Make sure they're angled properly, to enhance your side vision.

Road safety is also highly dependent on good depth perception. It helps you judge distances properly in crowded driving conditions, switch lanes and overtake other cars. Accurate depth perception needs proper vision in both of your eyes. If one lacks proper vision in one eye, it's essential to check with an optometrist to see whether it is safe for you to drive. You may need to refrain from driving until a solution is found to correct your vision.

Near vision focusing or being able to accommodate properly also keeps you in good stead when driving. This is the ability to move your focus from a view ahead to something near, for example, from the road to the speedometer. For those 45 or older you might have trouble with near vision, and you might need reading glasses or another vision correction solution to make it easier to see your dashboard. Make an appointment with your eye doctor to discuss the options.

Don't wait until you renew or apply for your driver's license to get your eyes checked. You never want to endanger your own life or those of others on the road! If you feel your vision isn't adequate, see your optometrist, and get a thorough eye exam as soon as you can.


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