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Contacts and Makeup: Suggestions from your Potomac, MD Optometrist

For those who wear contacts certain guidelines should be followed when applying cosmetics. Here are some basic pointers for how to be sure your eyes remain lovely and safe.

Purchasing Makeup

To start, we advise you purchase only cosmetics that are fragrance and oil free. In addition, to avoid peeling and smudging, which could end up irritating your lenses, use waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Lastly it's important to replace makeup at regular intervals - ideally replace mascara monthly, eyeliner after three months and shadows every 6 months.

Applying Cosmetics

Make sure you rinse your hands thoroughly before putting in your contacts. Apply all eye makeup with care to prevent scratching your contacts. Make sure you don't apply a brush or liner to the inside eye lid and start mascara at the middle of the lashes instead of the base. Don't let another use your makeup or apply when the eyes are red or irritated.

Another important tip is to clean off eye makeup each day with hypoallergenic, oil-free remover. Don't forget to take out contacts before removing makeup.

Adhering to these guidelines when using eye makeup during contact use can avoid irritated, swollen or inflamed eyes and damage to the contacts.

If your eyes become swollen or irritated don't apply makeup. Don't hesitate to contact your eye doctor if you experience any redness, discomfort, or irritation. Our Potomac, MD optometrist can assist you with any lens issues that are troubling you.


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