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Help! How to Handle Some Frequently Encountered Eye Injuries

There are a variety of different kinds of eye injuries that can occur, some more serious than others. Some may necessitate emergency action and immediate care by an eye doctor, while others can be dealt with at home. Follow these guidelines for typical eye injuries, to decide the next move in case of an accident. Keep in mind that general preventive measures such as using safety goggles or glasses may be the smartest way to maintain safe vision.

A corneal abrasion or scratched eye is not something to mess around with. It can lead to serious damage in a short amount of time and possibly end in vision loss. Scratches are generally the result of a poke in the eye, or rubbing the eye when there is dust in it. Since a scratch can make your eye susceptible to bacterial infection it's critical to see your eye doctor or an urgent care center. The best advice for a scratched eye is to keep it loosely closed and to visit your optician as soon as possible to inspect it. Touching the eye will only make it worse and patching the eye can give bacteria a place to grow.

Another common eye issue is chemical burn. It can be frightening when your are sprayed in the eye by an unknown substance. The first thing to ascertain is what chemical touched your eye. A chemical's basic composition can make a big difference. Although acids can result in considerable redness and pain, they can be washed out fairly easily. However, alkali chemicals that are bases can be much more serious but may not seem so because they don't result in as much immediate stinging or swelling as acids.

While no one ever wants to anticipate a serious eye injury, it's recommended to know what to do in serious situations. By following this guide you can be assured that you'll know how to face most common eye problems. Of course, extra safety precautions can help you avoid these injuries altogether so consult with your optometrist about preventative eye care options!


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