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Safety Eyewear for Children

Research shows that eye injuries account for 40,000 trips to the emergency room annually. That's the equivalent of one eye injury every 780 seconds! Eye Care professionals believe that 90% of the reported accidents could be simply avoided by using protective eyewear. More often than not eye damaging accidents occur when participating in sports or during household chores. Children are particularly at risk for accidents involving eye damage, which often happen during active play.

If your children are involved in active sport, it is recommended that they wear protective eyewear during active play. A good idea is to lead by example by investing in a pair of modern full-coverage safety glasses for yourself that you use when playing sports or using power tools. Make sure your kids follow your example. In addition, let your kids select safety glasses in the fashion they like.

To ensure you purchase protective eyewear wisely, ask an experienced optometrist for suggestions. Our staff members are happy to help you in buying the best pair of glasses for your child, depending on your child's particular needs. If your child has glasses, safety glasses can be customized with prescription lenses from your eye care center. Look into trivex or polycarbonate lenses if your child plays rough sports. They are not only more durable, they are also lighter than plastic lenses, which offers extra comfort.

Be informed when purchasing a pair of protective goggles. It's a simple way to guard your child's sight!


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